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Ultimate Cage Setup

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Our Ultimate Cage Setup has everything you'll need for your new prickly pal. All of the included supplies included in this kit have been hedgehog tried, tested and approved! This kit provides a spacious 6 square feet of living space. It comes with extra accessories such as a premium travel carrier, supplemental heat kit and extra toys.

Key Benefits

• RB80 Cage 31" x 17" x 18"

• Super Pet Comfort Wheel 12"

• Large Igloo Hideout

• Clean & Cozy Bedding 24.6L

• Lixit Water bottle 16 oz

• 16 oz food dish

• Atomic balls or springs

• Kong x-small Squeakers

• Premium wire-style carrier

• 1 month supply of food

• Zilla 8.5 inch clamp lamp

• Happy Hedgehog CHE 150w

• Zilla spring clamp

• Gourmet Meal Worms

• Nail Trimmers






Hedgehog, Guinea Pig, Rabbit


1. Find a suitable location for your cage setup. Ideally, you'll want to place the cage setup in a room with a window so your pet has access to a natural light cycle.

2. Place your cage bottom on an appropriate surface such as a table or desk.

3. Place half of the package of Clean and Cozy natural paper bedding into the cage bottom

4. With your fingers, knead the bedding to expand it about 3x its compressed size.
If done correctly, you should have about 1-2 inches worth of bedding covering the floor.

5. Place the hideout, wheel, food dish and toys inside the cage in desired location.

6. Unfold the wire cage top so it resembles the top of a cage.

7. Place the cage top on top of the cage bottom making sure to line up the wire bars with the guides.

8. Use the (banana style) cage clips to securely attach the top of the cage to the cage bottom.

9. Remove your Zilla dome lamp from its package and screw in the Happy Hedgehogs Ceramic Heat Emitter.

10. Route the included spring slip over the lamp wire so the ring sits on the outside part of the ceramic socket.

11. Attach the lamp and spring clamp at 3 points centered on top of the large top door . We recommend two towards the front opening of the cage and one behind it.

12. If attached correctly, you should be able to open and close the top door while the lamp stays attached.

13. Make sure to turn on the inline switch on the lamp.

14. The lamp should be letting off a good amount of heat, but no light.

15. Open the digital thermometer and place the included button battery in the back.

16. Place the thermometer in desired location outside the cage and place the lead in the desired location inside the cage.

17. Fill the water bottle with either tap or filtered water and attach it on the outside of the front or back of the cage using the included wire hanger.
The nozzle should rest on the bottom-most part of the wire cage top.

18. Place your pet inside the cage and enjoy :)


• 39" long, 22" wide, 18" high