One of the things we appreciate is feedback from you, our customers. Without each of YOU, Granite State Hedgehogs wouldn’t be where we are today. In many ways, we feel you are more than customers, you are friends… part of the Granite State Hedgehogs family! We value your feedback in how we can make things better. If you'd like to share your experience, we'd love to hear from you! Please leave us a review on either Google or our Facebook page. Your reviews help others to know what to expect when purchasing a baby through us. If you've had anything less than a 5 star stellar experience, please let us know and we'll make it right!

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via live chat or phone.

Thank you,

Kaley Ball
Kaley B.
19:23 17 Jul 20
I live in Maine and drove 3 hours to pick up my hedgehog (Hendrick) who I have had about a week now, I fully recommend Granite Estate Hedgehog for your new friend! They were extremely pleasant and understanding as this is my first hedgehog! They make sure they are 100% ready to go! They have reached out to me a couple times as I have to them and have been nothing but helpful!
Ryan Tracy
Ryan T.
13:08 08 Jul 20
Staff was very helpful and answered all our questions. Our hedgehog came into our home happy and healthy. I recommend this to anyone looking for a happy hedgehog!
Angela Additon
Angela A.
03:02 01 Jul 20
Very informative through the entire process! When we had our baby fall I’ll, they were so prompt, helpful and professional in getting the right things done. The compassion towards my family was invaluable. Would recommend them and I’d go back myself when the time comes!
Erin Ostroskey
Erin O.
04:10 28 Jun 20
My boyfriend and I absolutely love our new hedgie Mooshie (formerly known as Nala) 🦔 she is the sweetest little nugget alive and she loves to have fun and stick her head in tp rolls! This place is absolutely amazing and gave us all the supplies and hedgie care tips we needed! Get yourself a hedgehog here!!! ❤️
Kamie Thompson Adams
Kamie Thompson A.
20:20 06 May 20
Fantastic shop, Owners are extremely knowledgable
Drew Ross
Drew R.
15:12 03 May 20
Super friendly and educated us on all we needed to know about taking care of our hedgehog.
Jay Ann Jerome
Jay Ann J.
17:51 23 Apr 20
I have been watching the available babies for a few years and I knew I wanted a baby but I kept putting it off. I recent saw Arya and I absolutely fell in love and I knew it was time to take the plunge. I put my deposit down and made my appointment to pick her up. I went yesterday to get her and Ayane couldn’t have been more helpful. She was patient while both Arya and I met, and gave me useful tips on caring for my new baby. I didn’t have many questions because so much was carefully explained to me but I was assured that if I did have any questions they would gladly answer them for me. I was able to buy everything I needed for Arya’s set up and I now her all set up in her new home. My family has all fallen in love with Arya. I can’t recommend Granite State Hedgehogs enough. Everyone who has seen pictures of Arya have fallen in love with her and a few people have asked where I got her and I’m sending them directly to Jay and Ayane!
Norman Baker
Norman B.
03:46 29 Feb 20
I love hedgehogs
Kenneth Murray
Kenneth M.
04:36 27 Feb 20
Mikayla Murray bought here very first pet here today! A Hedgehog...Great little gem of a place. Very clean and well kept place that just sells Hedgehogs! Cutest things ever!Also, be sure to have lunch at Chubbles while you are in the area!
Olivia Sabella
Olivia S.
16:19 26 Feb 20
I purchased my first hedgehog from Jay & Ayane at Granite State Hedgehogs this weekend and it was a great experience! This is a family business and you can tell that they are both very passionate about what they do. They were very knowledgeable and patient when answering my many questions about being a first time hedgehog owner. I highly recommend them!
Jeff Gorham
Jeff G.
18:41 18 Feb 20
Extremely helpful and friendly. Will tell you everything you need to know and carry all of the best animals and supplies. Would recommend to anyone
douglas roberts
douglas R.
22:19 01 Feb 20
Bought our boy Bongo from this breeder, great attention and very complete care information.
Sarah E LewisE
Sarah E L.
19:58 18 Jan 20
So sweet
Karen Wright
Karen W.
22:05 12 Nov 19
The owners are amazing and have a wonderful shop. It's mostly about the hedgehogs but there were supplies for other animals as well and a bakery case that made me drool. Their website is fantastic and packed full of anything you would need to know about taking care of hedgehogs. Even though that info is there, they were both kind and patient to answer all of our questions. When we picked up the baby my daughter picked we were told what everything was and how to set it up. You can tell that they really care about the animals and that they were well taken care of. It was a great experience and we look forward to going back. I can't recommend them enough!
Karen Verrochi Wright
Karen Verrochi W.
20:37 08 Nov 19
We saw Ayane when we went to pick up my daughter's baby and she could not have been any nicer. Both owners are extremely nice, knowledgeable, kind and patient. She spent an unlimited amount of time with us and answered all of our questions. There is so much information available from them and we were told to contact them anytime for questions or help. The store is adorable and offers so many great products and the prices are great! It was a bit of a ride for us but would never hesitate to go there. I highly recommend them. You can tell that they really care about animals and it shows.
Hannah Gosselin
Hannah G.
15:41 31 Oct 19
I have purchased from here twice, and have had a wonderful experience both times! They take excellent care of their babies, and are very knowledgeable and kind throughout the entire process of choosing a baby, to bringing one home! I will recommend them over & over to anyone looking for a new spikey friend!❤️🦔
Charlotte Mansour
Charlotte M.
22:06 29 Oct 19
Granite State Hedgehogs is great! I picked up my little one less than a week ago. She is the sweetest thing. She has not become an angry spiky ball at all since I’ve brought her home. I I love their web chat function as well. They respond quickly and gladly answer any questions. They even emailed me once they had listed more female babies. Their hedgehogs are backed by a fantastic health guarantee. This is so important as too many hedgehogs succumb to terrible diseases from poor breeding. They have a lifetime wobbly hedgehog health guarantee! They were incredibly thorough with all of the information they presented me, and you can tell they put a lot of time and care into their hedgehogs.
Celsea Colello
Celsea C.
23:43 26 Oct 19
First time getting a hedgehog which I have wanted for years! Felt like the owners really cared about the animals and gave great information for first time owners
John Burgess
John B.
05:04 15 Sep 19
Healthy Hedgehogs.
Kari LaFlam
Kari L.
16:54 01 Sep 19
Super friendly and knowledgeable.very clean and organized
Devon Medora
Devon M.
15:36 11 Aug 19
Was recommended this place by a friend, they were very kind and helpful. They made sure I understood how attentive I needed to be, and then they handed me a very happy baby! I love my little one and I am forever grateful to this shop for creating this opportunity for me.
Matty Mcf
Matty M.
19:51 06 Aug 19
Smol bois
Arthur Harnden III
Arthur Harnden I.
19:29 31 Jul 19
Love this store! They have a variety of food, toys, cages and equipment to give a hedgehog a lovely home. Great, caring, and friendly staff. Affordable pricing and great customer service and support! The staff is knowledgeable on hedgehogs, which is of course, very important.
matthew bertrand
matthew B.
07:35 05 Jul 19
I went into the store in October to have a look around as I was new to the area and heard about this store from some friends and coworkers, I walked in just to have a look around and was in awe of how many they had! They were all so cute! The owner was extremely friendly and helped me hold one, I was so happy to be holding an animal I’ve always wanted, the one I held I instantly fell in love with and would not put her down, I ended up buying my precious Addison and the cage package to bring my little baby home! I’ve had her for about 9 months now and I have never regretted visiting that amazing store!
Danny Winn
Danny W.
23:16 02 Jul 19
Granite state delivered my beautiful hedgehog to New Bedford Mass, walked me through everything and has answered a ton of questions for me over the phone. Amazing service, 10/10
Ella Soshnick
Ella S.
00:17 23 Jun 19
Been to their store twice. One was just to walk in, handle and learn about hedgehogs. Second was to pick up my amazing Pickles (formerly Elijah) and the ultimate cage set. I’ve had him for a week now but because of the owners I feel confident in my little hog and my handling skills. The store was neat and clean, they were professional, and apologetic for being a few minutes late. Even though I was the one that was early.One very small issue, but doesn’t affect my review, is I didn’t receive everything listed on the ultimate cage setup. But I think it is because the owners had just opened up and I was breathing down their neck. It’s not a big deal, but maybe in the future GSH could run through and make sure everything on the list is given.Again a very minor issue, and doesn’t affect the review because they were so sweet and well knowledgeable.
Ella Soshnick
Ella S.
00:13 23 Jun 19
Been to their store twice. One was just to walk in, handle and learn about hedgehogs. Second was to pick up my amazing Pickles (formerly Elijah) and the ultimate cage set. I’ve had him for a week now but because of the owners I feel confident in my little hog and my handling skills. The store was neat and clean, they were professional, and apologetic for being a few minutes late. Even though I was the one that was early.One very small issue, but doesn’t affect my review, is I didn’t receive everything listed on the ultimate cage setup. But I think it is because the owners had just opened up and I was breathing down their neck. It’s not a big deal, but maybe in the future GSH could run through and make sure everything on the list is given.Again a very minor issue, and doesn’t affect the review because they were so sweet and well knowledgeable.
Tracey Kirkpatrick
Tracey K.
23:26 30 Apr 19
These guys are great. Jay was very patient and answered all my questions and being a first time hedgie owner I had a few! When I took my hedgie for his first vet visit she was impressed with how easy he was to handle. I would definitely recommend.
Olivia Atchue
Olivia A.
20:22 19 Apr 19
My experience was great they were very nice and informative they answered every question we had and gave us plenty of suggestions and some care info.the shop was amazingly kept it was clean and a very cute little place. And the hedgehogs were socialized very well I got my willow there and she is so friendly. So if anybody is looking into getting a hedgehog I recommend granite state hedgehogs.
Kristen Suzanne Lanctot
Kristen Suzanne L.
23:32 17 Apr 19
What a great place! I just got my baby yesterday. She is so lovey. Our first hedgie wanted nothing to do with us at first was huffy and puffy. You could tell he wasn't handled much. She is the exact opposite. You can tell they handle them often so they are not so scared. I went to hold her for the first time and all she wanted to do was snuggle. The owner was so helpful with any questions we had. An amazing experience!
Ashley Fitch
Ashley F.
23:31 10 Apr 19
We love our little Harley D. HedgeHOG!🦔Every question we had was answered, email, text, phone calls always returned! They made sure we had everything we needed! Took the time to go over everything with us, Highly recommended! P.S. Harley recently got a new chair!😂
Lisa Stuart
Lisa S.
23:21 30 Mar 19
We picked up a hedgehog a few days ago and it was a great experience! The owners are very friendly and knowledgeable about hedgehogs. The shop has everything that you need to get set up and is nice and clean and organized. They also continue to answer questions even after you've purchased the hedgehog. The hedgehog is very sociable and smart and we are very much enjoying him.
Magnolia Gray
Magnolia G.
14:58 28 Mar 19
I can’t recommend them enough! I’ve had my little hedgie for a couple of months now and she is just so friendly and smart! She litter trained with ease, she doesn’t mind the bath, she puts up little to no fight when having her nails done, her vet says she’s the best behaved hedgehog they see, she loves snuggles, and even puts her nose out for kisses practically on demand! Her happy chirps and hiccups have lit up our lives in a way we never could have anticipated. The love and attention Granite State gives their babies is abundantly evident!
Ginger Alger
Ginger A.
03:09 24 Mar 19
extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who would like to own a hedgehog as a pet.
Rehanna Alger
Rehanna A.
22:22 23 Mar 19
They were very friendly people and they have a lot of knowledge with these animals. They are very helpful and can answer every question. I would recommend them if your looking for a headgehog!
Nicole Barrows Conlon
Nicole Barrows C.
18:59 22 Mar 19
We have tons of Hedgehog Jay is amazing to sell my other 1/2 a New Baby for almost every occasion/ Holliday we now Have Marshmallow Fluff To our Heddgy Family. Princess 👑 pineapple 🍍 pickle 🥒tomato 🍅peanut 🥜& cinnamon 🧂have your new sister coming home Fluff🍙 Yes @ this point we are HEDGEHOGS 🦔 🦔 🦔 🦔 🦔 🦔🦔 Nuts Ty & Love u J
Molly Elaine
Molly E.
17:40 22 Mar 19
I got my hedgehog from them a few days ago, she is amazing. The owners were fabulous as well. Definitely recommend!
Courtney Cafazzo
Courtney C.
19:28 01 Mar 19
I got my baby girl Penelope here a year ago and I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting a hedgehog! The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, they were able to answer all my questions and their cage packages are great for starting you out with everything you’ll need for your new baby! They’re also available to live chat at anytime with any questions or concerns you may have and they even board your baby if you’re going on vacation! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for another hedgie baby, hands down the best!
SRH Gaming
04:47 01 Mar 19
Great experience
Victor Mcleod
Victor M.
08:11 08 Feb 19
Very clean and family friendly. They really seem to care about what they do and it shows.
Jessica Emmert
Jessica E.
03:46 08 Jan 19
Super knowledgeable! Excellent website and response
Valerie Tannahill
Valerie T.
01:35 06 Jan 19
Loved the Hedgehog store!!! Very knowledgeable and answered every question! They're a little prickly when to hold and let them but so cool
Steven Houle
Steven H.
17:45 30 Nov 18
1st off I would like to say The owners Sam and Jay are very friendly and helpful very knowledgeable having 16 years combined experience with these wonderful little animals know as hedgehogs Before my fiance and I purchased our very 1st hedgehog We went in and Held them And I used to handling them and asking lots of questions And if we ever get any more hedgehogs we only shop at granite state hedgehogs
Shaun Michael
Shaun M.
00:14 03 Nov 18
Great owners who are have a lot of knowledge on hedge hogs. Bought our first one today and are going back in the coming months to get another one.
Leslie LW
Leslie L.
21:46 25 Oct 18
They were lovely, informative and knowledgeable and took time answering my hundreds of questions 🤣 and my sweet hedgie Tobias is doing great! ❤️🦔
Terri Jean Constant
Terri Jean C.
16:35 25 Oct 18
I got my Willow there on 10-20-18 and had my granddaughter with me shes 8....She had so many questions and they were so patient and answered them all..i left there feeling like i had gotten a ton of info as well as all the supplies Miss Willow needs..she is settling in well and the grandkids love her as much as i do and are having a blast handling her and making treats for her to find
Shavanna Anne Holmes Houston
Shavanna Anne Holmes H.
23:24 20 Oct 18
Amazing place. You get to meet the Hedgehogs as soon as you walk into the door. I got my hedgehog (Poco) and she’s so amazing. Really love what this place did for me and my hedgehog. They got other amazing hedgehogs with cute personalities that you will love. I appreciate for what every person did for me to get Poco my hedgehog and helping me with what I need to for her. Thanks one again! I highly recommend this place!!!
Paul Schlaline
Paul S.
08:37 29 Sep 18
Can't recommend them enough! Sam and Jay are great. Super helpful and always happy to answer any questions I have. My little Shelby is going on 8 months old now and is both healthy and happy. Top notch breeders.
Theresa Gutowski
Theresa G.
16:27 21 Sep 18
We absolutely love Granite State Hedgehogs. We just brought home our first baby hedgehog. Sam and Jay were so helpful through the process of learning about the care, meeting the babies and then allowing us to visit till Bandit was big enough to come home🦔 if I could give more then 5 stars I would
Michelle Dunn Baril
Michelle Dunn B.
01:42 20 Sep 18
Granite State Hedgehog was amazing. My daughter has been asking to get a hedgehog for a very long time and after much research we decided to take a road trip to meet these little ones. We couldn’t resist our little Phoebe and she has been home for 5 days now and love her to pieces! Samantha and Jay were knowledgeable and helped us through the adoption process. They were both fantastic and didn’t mind answering all our questions! We recommend them to anyone looking to adopt these unique, fun animals!
Katie Rankins
Katie R.
00:20 06 Jun 18
Got my hedgehog today love him and they answered all of our questions thank you guys so much!!
Amanda Lynn Howe
Amanda Lynn H.
00:12 03 Jun 18
Thank you Sam and Jay for all of your help today with picking out our first hedgehog �. We were a little overwhelmed when we walked in but left with lots of knowledge, a cage set up and a baby � girl hedgehog � which we named Lucy. She is very sweet and loves to be cuddled. Also thank you to your children who were also very helpful. �
Ilana Bjorlie Dow
Ilana Bjorlie D.
22:27 18 May 18
We just got our first hedgehog from them this morning, but over the past few weeks, they've been terrific with answering all our questions and helping us make sure a hedgie would be a good fit in our household. Terrific customer handling, a well kept shop, and healthy, active little hedgehogs made the experience of doing business with them extremely positive. Thank you so much!
Nova Kim My
Nova Kim M.
15:52 17 May 18
I bought my first hedgehog here and I did research on hedgehogs before, but this place goes above and beyond with informing you about the care and maintenance of hedgehogs! This place is very clean, and the hedghogs are well taken care of. My hedghog is super cute, well behaved, and cuddly. Definitely deserves a 5 star rating 🙂
Joshua Rollins
Joshua R.
23:48 11 May 18
Great place and very knowledgeable! We adopted a hedgehog from someone who couldn’t care for it anymore and even thou we did not adopt a hedgehog from them they were more than willing to spend the time with us and provide us with all the information we needed to reintroduce her to human contact. I highly recommend them to anyone who has or is looking to adopt a hedgehog � thank you for all your help today!
Jessica Ryan
Jessica R.
01:02 20 Apr 18
Very professional and caring. They are very dedicated to the hedgehogs.
Heather Lynn
Heather L.
20:28 19 Apr 18
If I could give this place more than 5 stars then I would! About a month and a half ago I lost my rescue hedgehog to cancer. After one night of not listening to his wheel go, I decided that I needed to have a hedgehog in my life. I then contacted Samantha and luckily she had a litter that was available that Saturday! I was beyond excited. After putting down my deposit and picking out Daphnie I was beyond excited. Daphnie has been the best pet ever and has turned into a little diva! I can’t thank Samantha or Jay enough for all their help! I highly recommend them to everyone!
Cheyanne Marie Whittemore
Cheyanne Marie W.
15:20 14 Apr 18
So so happy with the purchase I made from them! I was weary at first but they made the whole process easy and fun! They answered all my questions, and more! And set me up with many years with my new girl Laney, love her so much! Thank you guys so much ��
Kirsten Donndelinger
Kirsten D.
12:29 13 Apr 18
I got my Hubert (now named scooter) and he’s doing very well he adjusted very easily into his new home. The shop is also so neat and clean, and I love how they have little cages that allow you to play with the hedgies! �
Tori Bishop Laine
Tori Bishop L.
01:47 25 Mar 18
My fiance and I bought one of their 2yr old retired breeder females, Nanett, and we just love her. She's so cute and perfect addition to our family. Thank you so much GSH for being helpful with picking her out and the adoption process. I finally have my cuddle hedgie!
Melissa Baker Gentile
Melissa Baker G.
23:07 23 Mar 18
So incredibly happy with our new hedgie! Thanks Samantha!
Andrea Jameson Alexander
Andrea Jameson A.
19:39 11 Mar 18
What a great experience we had when we went to visit on Saturday. Talk about knowlegable... the owners are so nice and know their stuff. We had intentions of getting a baby but decided to go with an older hedgehog because everyone tends to want the babies. She got all situated with us at home and seems to be pretty content. Thank you for the great experience we will highly recommend you!
Justin Walazek
Justin W.
21:49 01 Mar 18
I purchased my Hedgehog Link from Granite State. I looked all over for where to buy one and this Facebook and its reviews convinced me to buy from here. I'm so happy I did. The support after I brought Link home is above and beyond what I expected. They are always willing to answer any and all questions all the time. If you want a hedgehog you couldn't make a better choice than Granite State.
Haley Comet
Haley C.
18:02 10 Feb 18
I got my little girl from here a few months ago and she is great. They were very accommodating and helpful! Traveled from Maine. And we got there to pick up our girl in the middle of them moving shop so they weren't technically open, but she still helped us! Will definitely come here again for my next!
Nikki Keefe
Nikki K.
19:06 29 Jan 18
The owners are very knowledgeable & kind! Even through a slight misunderstanding of which hedgie I could take home, they were empathic & helpful in my decision. My new prickly buddy is currently asleep in my scarf � so in love!
Diane Forsey
Diane F.
21:17 22 Jan 18
I just got my willow. She is awesome!They stayed to answer all my questions
Lisa Bidder-Joyce
Lisa B.
21:29 20 Jan 18
Very knowledgeable about their animals and how to care for them. We just stopped in to visit and walked out with a really nice cage for one of our bunnies at a great price! It was a pleasure meeting you!
Amanda Bush
Amanda B.
02:18 18 Jan 18
Samantha was very prompt and helpful through the whole process. She was professional and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Granite State Hedgehogs to anyone looking to purchase one!
Derek Kouyoumjian
Derek K.
20:21 30 Dec 17
An excellent and dedicated breeder who will help you find a spiky friend for your world.
Kayla Ferreira
Kayla F.
19:28 22 Dec 17
We got our star yesterday had the first night we have her she is so cute and very active! You guys rock and always on point when we have questions! You guys definitely will make a 11 year old happy on Christmas!! Thank you so much �
Stephanie Cole
Stephanie C.
13:04 01 Dec 17
Very helpful to us new owners when our new baby hedgie developed a problem. Prompt response to our issue, and within hours Samantha was driving to my home to help. Thank you so much!!
Nate Rinehart
Nate R.
21:17 30 Nov 17
Friendliest hedgehog I've ever purchased from a breeder. The owners at GSH are very knowledgeable, and very supportive. Highly highly recommend this breeder and shop!
Sullivan McDonough
Sullivan M.
19:48 21 Oct 17
I love these people! There hedgehogs are so sweet and healthy. They really do know what they are talking about. They gave me allot of info about care for hedgehogs.
MacKenzie Hey
MacKenzie H.
03:31 19 Sep 17
My little guy and I have had a wonderful time bonding over the past few months! The whole process was easy and professional. Any question I had was completely answered and fully explained. I have recommended Granite State Hedgehogs to everyone! Thank you so much for pairing me with my little spiky bundle!
Susan Glover
Susan G.
00:03 17 Sep 17
Great place, owners are very friendly and willing to answer any and all questions.
Rickie Rizos
Rickie R.
13:56 12 Sep 17
Granite state hedgehogs was helpful from the moment I started thinking about purchasing a hedgie. From being available online to telling me everything I need to know when I got there to pick up Daisy, it was well worth the 3 hr drive. Wouldn't change a thing!
Jen Harley
Jen H.
20:39 08 Sep 17
Our new baby, Pumpkin, is the sweetest little Hedgie and you can tell that GSH cares about all of the animals and their well being. The store is clean, smells fresh and they're friendly and answer all of your questions and encourage you to visit with the hedgies. The animals are all healthy, happy and very pleasant.What impressed me as well is how when I called to make a deposit, my phone number is from a state which hedgehogs are illegal (I moved to NH from PA) and they asked me about the number just to double check. I appreciated that they care enough about their animals to ask about that.I'd definitely do business with them again and would recommend to friends and family.
Tyler James
Tyler J.
15:01 17 Aug 17
Loved my experience with GSH. Tobi is adjusting well and loves meeting new people! I would recommend GSH to anyone thinking of adding one of there little guys to their family.
Raven Martin
Raven M.
17:22 13 Aug 17
Absolutely wonderful. Very informative and friendly! I love my hedgehogs!
Allyssa Daigle
Allyssa D.
22:53 05 Aug 17
I purchased my first hedgie through Granite State and it was a seamless process! I had done lots of research about adopting hedgies and how so many people adopted them after coming from a bad home and how challenging it can be when adopting one from an unreliable source. Our Betty is happy and healthy and we are so in love. They are also there for any follow up questions and advice that you might have with your new baby. If I ever adopt a second one, I will definitely go to Granite State!
Caroline Hatch
Caroline H.
01:43 31 Jul 17
My new hedgehog is such a sweet heart. The breeders were very informative and helpful while not being condescending. The location was clean and well looked after
Brooklyn Rose Kemmitt
Brooklyn Rose K.
18:49 20 Jul 17
Got my baby today and I couldn't of asked for more! Samantha is perfect she went above and beyond with giving me information. I love my little guy so much thank you!
Cherie Jewell
Cherie J.
21:25 10 Jul 17
My son is very happy with his new companion Buttons AKA Hannah. I would highly recommend purchasing a hedgehog from here or contacting them if you have any questions. They are very knowledgeable and very friendly!! �
Jessica King
Jessica K.
19:31 01 Jul 17
We got our Norah from Granite State Hedgehogs. She is our first hedgehog and she is awesome and the staff was very helpful. They made sure we had everything we needed and knew everything about taking care of her. We will make the trip again for our next spike baby
Anthony Destefano
Anthony D.
16:56 18 Jun 17
She was extremely knowledgeable on hedgehogs and very friendly customer service!
Mary E Stanton
Mary E S.
01:41 18 Jun 17
Great, friendly and great knowledgeable group. It was so worth the 3 hr and 20 minute round trip.
Jessica Marchand
Jessica M.
16:41 17 Jun 17
I bought 2 babies from Samantha a few months apart last year. Each transaction was smooth and educational. Both of my boys are amazing! No health issues, friendly, full of personality. Jax turned 1 in Feb. Axel turns 1 in a few weeks. Hope to have many many more years with these guys but if I'm ever looking for another baby, I'll definitely go back.
Susan Winstead Wilson
Susan Winstead W.
14:30 14 Jun 17
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Very good conditions for the Hedgehogs. Responsive to phone calls.
Chris Ryder
Chris R.
19:32 01 May 17
They took Excellent care of us during the adoption process all the way up to delivery Penelope AKA "princess poop shoes" is the sweetest hedgehog ever, even through her quilling phase. 100% recommended to anyone looking for a well cared for hedgehogs.
Cassie Rasmussen
Cassie R.
21:32 24 Apr 17
Our son absolutely adores Bandit (previously Franklin)!!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. We learned so much in our visit to the facility, and are very much attached to our new family member. I highly recommend GSH to any family looking for a unique, kind, cuddly friend.
Diego Miguel
Diego M.
21:51 09 Apr 17
Very happy with our new friend Quillbur. Service at the store was great and friendly.
David Lobron
David L.
22:09 26 Mar 17
These folks are great! The provided excellent service, including delivery, and gave us a lot of good advice. They answered our questions promptly, and were very friendly. If you live in New England or environs, I highly recommend purchasing a hedgie from this company.
Gracie Ellen Bear
Gracie Ellen B.
23:08 19 Feb 17
This is an amazing business and it is run by people who really are knowledgeable about what they are doing! My hedgehog was delivered by them yesterday and he has already settled right into his life with me! Thank you so much! I would recommend your business 100 times over to everyone I know!
Cristina Lopez
Cristina L.
03:31 31 Dec 16
I couldn't have had a better experience with Granite State Hedgehog. My little ball of quills is just as adorable and sweet as she looked in her pictures online. I highly recommend this breeder, they truly are passionate about hedgehogs.
Carla Modini Shorey
Carla Modini S.
08:52 27 Dec 16
We are totally in love with our Allie!! She was a gift to our daughter for her 13th birthday and she could not have been happier the day she received her. Granite State Hedgehogs was recommended to us and we will certainly recommend you to anyone who is interested in a cute, cuddly, prickly pet!!Thanks, Samantha and Jay
Karin Shatos
Karin S.
20:31 27 Nov 16
Sam was so patient while we visited for several months, and asked a lot of questions, until we found the perfect baby! Thanks!
Kayla Nicole Guay
Kayla Nicole G.
02:31 27 Nov 16
Thank you so much for my sweet baby ! Such nice people and the store, and cages are very clean and well cared for ! I will be getting another from here in the future!
Kirsten Clapp Pavoni
Kirsten Clapp P.
17:11 31 Oct 16
GSH are simply amazing. Very supportive and attentive. We got our first hedgie just last night and he is so sweet! He's very healthy and curious and adjusting well to our home. Not to mention the cutest little thing I've ever seen! �. Thank you Samantha and Jay!
Shauna Marie
Shauna M.
02:54 16 Sep 16
Granite State is the best! I did A TON of research on hedgies before getting one, months of research and for NewHampshire and surrounding areas, I wouldn't send someone anywhere else for any hedgie needs.
Kayleigh Cardinal
Kayleigh C.
01:05 16 Sep 16
Granite State Hedgehogs is amazing! I always wanted a Hedgehog but I didn't feel comfortable getting one from just anywhere (people I knew had bad experiences). I found Granite State and they are so knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. And it's awesome to be able to ask them questions and they always get back to me so quickly. We got everything we needed right there in the store along with our little hedgehog baby! We got our Rosie in August and we love her so much. She is the most friendly and cuddly hedgehog! She's sleeping in my lap as I type this ☺️We couldn't be happier. I would recommend Granite State hedgehog to anyone looking for a great new family member. You won't be disappointed!
Jessica Martin
Jessica M.
16:01 06 Sep 16
Samantha and Jay are both great. I lost my first hedgehog to WHS and the breeder was unsupportive and frankly didn't care (she suggested Penny just wasn't warm enough even after the countless vet visits). Needless to say, after my first experience I was hesitant about getting another one. Samantha and Jay were responsive and answered all of my questions thoughtfully. You can tell they're genuine people who love what they do! I picked up Pearl in June and she is such a love bug. She wants nothing more than to snuggle in your lap all day and gobble down mealworms. Oh and her colors are beautiful!! I've never seen one like her before. I'm so thankful for them - I will be going back to them for all my future hedgehogs!
Brandan Mercier
Brandan M.
01:52 06 Jul 16
Hedgehogs are wonderful!!! Bought a female her name is Trinity! Very kind people
Riley Jo Downing
Riley Jo D.
15:15 27 May 16
Awesome place, extremely helpful, and the animals are both adorable and very well taken care of. My little albino guy is so happy and healthy, and already settling in really well in his new home. I was also able to get all of the information and supplies I needed directly from the facility. Obviously hedgehogs aren't the pet for everyone, but if you're planning to get one, this is the place to go!
Heather Diaz
Heather D.
14:46 18 May 16
They were great through the whole waiting period until Athena arrived. We live in New York so it was a bit of a drive to go get her, and they made sure we had what we needed for bringing her home. We picked her up back in April and she has become a great part of the family. She's handled every day and is an inquisitive, cuddly little bundle of spikes. If we ever decide to get Athena a playmate we will be going with then again!
Sarah Gagnon
Sarah G.
21:22 16 May 16
Couldn't have asked for better support and advice. Samantha answered all of my relentless questions and I was able to make appointments to visit my baby as often as I liked! Would definitely recommend this facility to anyone interested in getting a hedgehog and will get my future ones from here!
Jennifer Hester Locke
Jennifer Hester L.
00:06 15 May 16
Love them. We have an albino female named Luna, she is the cutest little thing, day two and I can pick her up without much issue. Looking forward to bonding with her. Jay and Samantha were great! Living in Maine, they helped me with the permits and put up with all my questions. They even let me one get her the very day I got approved. Luna is healthy and I feel great knowing I can ask them for advice anytime I need to. I'd go to them again in a heartbeat!
Robyn D'Andrea Bishop
Robyn D'Andrea B.
20:18 28 Feb 16
I went to meet Samatha yesterday and I was so impressed. I can't wait till my little hedgehog is born.
Lori Bluhm
Lori B.
23:50 25 Jan 16
We love our hedgehog. He is so sweet and gentle. He is settling in just fine!
Lauren H. Moran
Lauren H. M.
11:53 23 Dec 15
I brought my little baby home about a month ago now, he's happy and healthy and has already grown so much! Jay and Samantha were wonderful and willing to answer all of my incessant questions every step of the way, I couldn't ask for anything better. He was clearly very well cared for and handled often, because he warmed up to me immediately. Still not fond of baths, but we're working on that. Thanks so much guys!
Ashley Cirone
Ashley C.
22:44 20 Dec 15
Our little guy is so handsome and even though he's a little grumpy with us tonight, probably due to the dog smells and new home and all, he still loves to be held. Thank you Jay and Samantha!
Kaylee Chaffee
Kaylee C.
20:41 14 Nov 15
My hedgie is so loving and loves to be held. They were so helpful to me and answered every question I had! I will definitely be coming back if I ever want to purchase another one 🙂
Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer B.
13:09 25 Oct 15
We love our prickly new family member! She is so cute! Thank you Jay & Samantha for answering all of my questions.
Dani Rae
Dani R.
13:51 16 Jul 15
My little hedgie is the cutest. He's very sweet. Such a great hedgehog. The breeders answered all of my questions I asked and gave me detail on all of them. Very good experience!