Frequently Asked Questions


Visiting Our Store/Facility

You’re always welcome here at Granite State Hedgehogs. We operate a full-scale public facility and store. During a visit, you can play with our hedgehogs or even take home one of your own. We even have a full range of hedgehog safe pet supplies available for purchase right in store. Feel free to visit during our public hours as are listed on the homepage – no appointment necessary.

Cost of a Baby – Prices

Our babies are priced between – $250 – $350 depending on color and markings. Every hedgehog goes home with a minimum 1 month supply of food (unless specified otherwise), care packet and USDA paperwork.

Reserving an Available Baby – Deposits

All babies are priced between $250 – $350 depending on color and markings. Deposits are applied in full towards the purchase price of your chosen hedgehog. Unless other arrangements are made, we provide up to 14 days to pick up or have your animal delivered. If you don’t pick up your animal within the 14 day grace period, he/she will be relisted for adoption and your deposit will be held on file to be used towards the future purchase or an animal and/or supplies.

Once payments are received, they are non-refundable. Please only reserve a hedgehog if you are sure that it’s the right decision for you. We encourage you to visit our facility to meet our herd if you’re unsure that a hedgehog is the right pet for you.

Bringing Your Hedgehog Home – Carriers

We require that all hedgehogs leaving our facility be kept in an appropriate carrier for the ride home. Examples of appropriate carriers are those that either latch or zip shut. Cuddle sacks do not count as carriers. If you need a carrier, we have them available in store for $10-20.

Colors – True Colors Come With Age

Since hedgehogs don’t develop their true color until five months of age (after quilling), we cannot guarantee the color of any hedgehog. We can, however, try to make an estimated guess on color based on family lines and markings at the time of adoption.

Congenital Health Guarantee

Granite State Hedgehogs guarantees that all of our hedgehogs, to the best of our knowledge, are free of any health problems. All baby hedgehogs are guaranteed to be free from congenital health problems until 1 year of age. If a hedgehog passes before 1 year of age, we will replace the animal free of charge if given a necropsy report from a licensed veterinarian stating the nature of the problem and that it was due to heredity or present at birth.

All of our hedgehogs (excluding rescues) are guaranteed for life against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. If your hedgehog passes and undergoes a necropsy by a licensed veterinarian stating the cause of death was Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome, we will replace your hedgehog free of cost. We will assume no responsibility for vet bills.

Hedgehogs As Gifts

It is our policy that the primary caregiver (and parent/legal guardian if for a child) plan to care for their child’s hedgehog should the child lose interest or be unable to care for him/her. It is unrealistic to assume that your child will be responsible for all care and veterinary bills should you hedgehog need any medical help throughout its lifetime. We don’t advocate giving a live animal as a surprise gift and recommend that you discuss purchasing a hedgehog with your child before placing a deposit. Furthermore, we recommend that if possible you visit our facility to handle some of our hedgehogs and ask any questions you may have. We believe that children can make great hedgehog owners, but parental involvement is essential to be sure the hedgehogs’ needs are being properly met. A new pet is a huge financial and emotional commitment, and we want to be sure that a hedgehog is the right choice for you.

Breeding – General Public

We at Granite State Hedgehogs care greatly about the health of our hedgehogs and hedgehogs as a species. We sell our animals as pets only and do not sell our animals for breeding purposes. By purchasing an animal through Granite State Hedgehogs, you the buyer are bound by a no-breeding contract. Granite State Hedgehogs retains all breeding rights of all animals purchased for the life of said animals. In the event that a buyer breaks our no-breeding contact, we reserve the right to seek damages in a court of law and take repossession of said animal or animals and their offspring. Any recovered damages will be donated to the International Hedgehog Association. This policy is to protect the integrity of our lines and to help prevent poor breeding practices and the spread of congenital health defects. Our number one goal as a breeder is to improve the health of our animals. If at anytime we feel uncomfortable due to your intentions, we will refuse you sale of our hedgehogs.

Breeding – USDA Licensed Breeders

Breeding rights and pedigrees are available for USDA licensed breeders that have maintained an active class A or B license for a minimum two years or more. We will only work with breeders that have not had any serious infractions issued by the USDA including but not limited to (animal abuse, animal care, record keeping & more)

Legal Status – Are Hedgehogs Legal Where I Live?

California – Hedgehogs are illegal in the entire state of California. California has a law that deems all animals not specifically listed as legal under State law as being illegal by default. Until such time as California’s Department of Fish and Game is willing to consider hedgehogs for legal status, they will continue to be considered contraband pets and may be confiscated and either moved out of state or destroyed.

Georgia – For some time the State of Georgia was unclear on their attitude toward hedgehogs. Unfortunately, recent clarification has deemed them illegal. It seems they are concerned that escaped pet animals may set up a resident wild population. Oddly enough, licensed breeders are allowed, but any hedgehogs sold as pets must be shipped out of state.

Hawaii – Due to the risk of hedgehogs being capable of surviving in the wilds of these Pacific islands, hedgehogs are illegal throughout the state and are confiscated whenever they are found.

Pennsylvania – A very unfortunate political battle has developed within the State of Pennsylvania making hedgehogs illegal to the point where threats have been made against even the transport of hedgehogs through the state on the way to another state. All of this is the result of an initial (and unusual) law established in the 1990’s. Under that law, hedgehogs within the state were legal, but it was illegal to import fresh bloodlines into the state. A few breeders violated that law resulting in the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) declaring all out war on all hedgehogs within the state. Breeder’s homes have been raided and their hedgehogs confiscated with all of the zeal of a major drug bust. Suffice it to say, owning a hedgehog in Pennsylvania under the draconian rule of PGC is extremely dangerous for both owner and hedgehog.

The Five Burroughs of New York City – Hedgehog ownership is illegal in the five boroughs on New York City. Those caught with animals could face legal action and repossession of their animals.