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Granite State Hedgehogs

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Starter Cage Setup

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If you're looking for just the basics, the Starter Cage Setup is the one for you. This no-frills option provides you with the bare essentials and a great base to build your dream setup. The Starter Cage Setup provides the recommended minimum four square feet of cage space. This is a great setup for one hedgehog and can be used for the life of the animal.

Key Benefits

• RB80 Cage 31" x 17" x 17"

• Super Pet Comfort Wheel 12"

• Large Igloo Hideout

• Clean & Cozy Bedding 24.6L

• Lixit Water bottle 8 oz

• 8 oz food dish

• Atomic balls or springs

• Kritter Keeper Carrier

• 1 month supply of food

• Nail Trimmers






Hedgehog, Guinea Pig, Rabbit


1. Find a suitable location for your cave setup. Ideally, you'll want to place the cage setup in a room with a window so your pet has access to a natural light cycle.

2. Place your cage bottom on an appropriate surface such as a table or desk.

3. Place half of the package of Clean and Cozy natural paper bedding into the cage bottom

4. With your fingers, knead the bedding to expand it about 3x its compressed size.
If done correctly, you should have about 1-2 inches worth of bedding covering the floor.

5. Place the hideout, wheel, food dish and toys inside the cage in desired location.

6. Unfold the wire cage top so it resembles the top of a cage.

7. Place the cage top on top of the cage bottom making sure to line up the wire bars with the guides.

8. Use the (banana style) cage clips to securely attach the top of the cage to the cage bottom.

9. Fill the water bottle with either tap or filtered water and attach it on the outside of the front or back of the cage using the included wire hanger.
The nozzle should rest on the bottom-most part of the wire cage top.

10. Place your pet inside the cage and enjoy :)


• 31" long, 17" wide, 17" high