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What’s Included?

• RB80 Cage 31″ x 17″ x 17″
(Green, Blue, Black)
• Super Pet Comfort Wheel 12″
(Green, Blue, Purple)
• Large Igloo Hideout (assorted)
(Green, Purple, Pink, Blue)
• Lixit Water Bottle 8 oz (purple/opaque)
• Food Dish 8 oz
(Stainless, Green, Purple, Red, Blue)
• Atomic Ball or Springs
• Kritter Keeper Carrier
• Nail Trimmers
• 1 Month Supply of Food Blend

Our Starter Cage Setup has everything you’ll need for your new prickly pal. Our setup includes supplies that have been hedgehog tried, tested and approved!

Please note that the starter cage setup does not come with the recommended heat setup. Supplemental heat is required with hedgehogs. This setup provides the recommended minimum of 4 square feet of living space. While this leaves you enough room for the bare essentials, it doesn’t leave enough room to include a litter pan or additional toys.

Available both in-store and online.
Eligible for delivery with the purchase of an animal. Not eligible for airline shipping. Color options are assorted unless specified in the order notes.