We are more than just a breeder, and our relationship with you continues well beyond the day your hedgehog comes home. We are hedgehog lovers ourselves and wish nothing would ever go wrong with any hedgehog, but a hedgehog's health is dependent on a number of factors like genetics, exercise, food and nourishment, and overall care that are not always within our control. While we can't guarantee that your hedgehog will never have a health problem, we can promise that we will do our best to ensure your new family member is healthy from the moment he or she arrives home!

It all starts with choosing the right hedgehogs to breed. We carefully screen other breeders and only work with those who meet our industry-leading standards. Every hedgehog that becomes part of our herd goes through a comprehensive whole health evaluation. We maintain detailed records of all of our hedgehogs and never participate in line-breeding or inbreeding practices. As an additional check and to activate your hedgehog's Health Guarantee, we ask that you take your hedgehog to a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of receiving your hedgehog, so we can be sure that your hedgehog is happy and healthy from the moment he or she arrives at your home.

Health Guarantee

The health of our hedgehog is our primary concern which is why, in addition to all that we do to ensure your hedgehog is happy and healthy when he or she arrives, we also provide an industry-leading Health Guarantee. For more details about our guarantee, please click here.

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Granite State Hedgehogs provides happy, healthy hedgehogs to homes, breeders and zoological programs.


Our Health Guarantee

The health of our hedgehog is our number one priority. To ensure your hedgehog arrives home happy and healthy, we require that your hedgehog meet our strict go-home requirements, but also offer a Health Guarantee. To learn more about our health guarantee, please click here.


Top Health Promise

Granite State Hedgehogs has a zero tolerance policy for hedgehog mills or substandard breeding practices of any kind. Our hedgehogs are raised with love, respect and a high level of attention and personal care. To learn more about what makes our hedgehogs so healthy, please click here.


Tips & Advice

Our relationship with you does not end once your hedgehog arrives home; in fact, it's just beginning. Visit our FAQ filled with expert guidance on all things hedgehog. We hope to be a resource for you and your hedgehog every step of the way. For more tips and tricks, please visit our FAQ.